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iheart dance because I embody that I exist with the rhythm of movement. How about you? | artwork by Alfred Alexander Gockel

I love movements set free.

We embody that we exist within the vital rhythm of movements set free.

"Move, and the way will open." ~ Zen proverb | "Everything begins with an intention" ~ Tilarenn Solèy

Share your art/ wins/ challenges, your dance to life...

Because we all want LOVE, BALANCE & HARMONY, in all. So let's share. Let's create that common energy that will intensify into an egregore* of love, balance and harmony.

*egregore: An egregore is produced by a powerful collective thought. When people consciously come together for a common purpose, with the same intensity, they create and develop that powerful common energy. 


° A powerful common energy of love, respect, courage, balance and harmony that sets us free from fears...

° A powerful common energy of love, respect, courage, balance and harmony that sets us free from being at war in many forms, on every front...

° A powerful common energy of love, respect, courage, balance and harmony that intensifies to love and respect revolution...

Everything begins with an intention.

''My intention is to follow that inescapable commitment since forever towards an individual and collective sustainable environment of love, respect, courage, balance and harmony in all.''
   ~ Tilarenn Solèy

Share your art/ wins/ challenges, your dance to life... 
(write between 400 and 10 000 words about your commitment(s) /intention(s). You can add up to 4 photos. For videos, add the appropriate links where needed in your text. You may also email us your videos at kadansen@kadansenou.com. We revise every proposition carefully before we publish.) 

Each share gives participation to a draw: THE FOUR AGREEMENTS; A TOLTEC WISDOM BOOK (English/French + a bookmark that resumes the 4 agreements) + YON TI KOZE AK SÈ M (Conversations With My Sister - Kreyòl/French/English).

The Four Agreements constitutes, in 4 simple sentences, a fundamental and universal resource to mindful presence. Conversations With My Sister invites us to dialogues in all integrity.

The draw will be March 21, 2020.

Each gesture of appreciation is a YES to mindful presence towards LOVE, RESPECT, COURAGE, BALANCE & HARMONY in all, always. The more gestures of appreciation, the more this beautifully awesome egregore is possible.

Sharing is the epicentre of our lives...
Share your art/ wins/ challenges of self-conquest, your dance to life... 

Your dance is unique, your dance is valid.

You may share here:

Share, heart to soul, as you wish...

Express your experiences, intentions, commitments, love, and joy.

Share your art/wins/challenges of self-conquest to mindful presence, your dance to life...

The dance floor is yours...

I dance, you dance, we dance!


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I love to dance because I love to let my soul free. 
Dance means everything to me, it is my morning, noon and night-my reason and my rhyme.

Can't live without dance! 
I always dance when music is playing... whether I'm just tapping my foot at work, bobbing my head in the train or getting loose while no one is watching. …

* Write your own... | ** Écris ton propre partage... | *** Ekri pataj pa ou...

As for me...

I love the feeling of total health and fitness when I move freely...

I love the genuine connection with dance floor friends communities...

I love the wonderful spirits of dance quotes that touch me deeply...

I love to follow dance charts and appreciate the combination of beauty, soul rhythms and athletic drive in dance competitions...

I love the dance floor buzz of popular songs...

I love the perpetual marvel of bodies in movements set free...

I love the vibrations of positive rhythms...

I dance! iheart dances beauty! 

Dances are beautifully powerful.

I don't know of any other discipline or activity that integrates arts and sports and medicinal qualities so awesomely well and so simply.

Dances are truly wondefrul heart, body, mind, spirit and soul connections.

Dances are, beyond measures, beautifully powerful means of self-care to self-conquest.

We have yet to experience the full depth and dimensions we can reach. We have yet to master the full power of our heart, body, mind, spirit and soul combined through dances.  We have yet to bare the full beauty of dances. 

In arts, iheart the possibilities for creativity, experiment and infinite resilience of our body to wow just everyone and anyone, including ourselves. 

In sports, iheart the strength, flexibility, finesse and endless capabilities of dances to raise the beauty of the challenges.  In fact, I find that in quite many sports discipline, dances add a marvel touch to the competition.

In natural medicine, iheart just how amazingly dances can ease from and heal malaise, illness and disease for total health and fitness.

Also, I can see clearly an enlightened social, economic, cultural, political and spiritual revolution through dances, with unapologetically genuine and powerful collaborations of hearts,  bodies and souls.

Dances are, beyond measures, beautifully powerful means of self-care to self-conquest

I Dance! I am soul rhythms art in movement!

It's funny how if you really look closely, dances are classes apart and don't quite fit nicely in specific categories.

Take dance art!

Are we talking about performance, spirit sport or the art of photography, painting, drawing, sculpture with dance as subject?  Are dance movements elements of nature to inspire artists and artistic manifestations to inspire more artistic creations? Are dances the utlimate art of movement?

When it comes to executing dances, it is common to use the term performing arts. Then again, what about the multitude of dance practices which are truly not performances?  What about dances just for fun, dance therapy, dance ceremonies?

Dance art essentially reveals the soul, because dance in any context is movement and movement never lies.

Soul rhythms revelation, as an essential characteristic of dance is another fundamental reason why I dance.

We are in a genuine place.  

It's an awesome place to share.

"Dance is the ritual of immortality"

Shah Asad Rizvi 

How about your dance? Care to share?

prezans total nou depase rèv nou alenfini | pleine présence au bout de nos rêves à l'infini | mindful presence beyond our wildest dreams to infinity
We are One to uplift each other! Namaste! Ayibobo! Ase!

Happy to have you here! I'm Tilarenn Solèy. Happy to share joyful conscious movement revolution and universal wellness in this powerful self-care to self-conquest journey. We care to Be entirely. We stir our vital energy. We embrace and celebrate our mindful presence. We fully dance love and respect towards balance and harmony in all.

We are one dance with the earth, the universe and the infinite.
Everything relates to dance because life is a dance. Dance is movement. Movement is life. Conscious movement is mindful presence love and respect revolution towards balance and harmony in all. 

My vital energy focus for us: to dance Love & Respect to infinity. 

 Honour to Legba; Honour to our Ancestors; 

We open the doors. We help each of us put all barriers down. We help each of us create and fuel flowing positive communication channels.

We help each of us empower growing communities of ever more passionately daring and creative people. People thriving to dance life in balance and harmony. People developing an ever mindful presence through conscious movement. People honouring our essence in powerful self-care to self-conquest.

We help each of us be trustworthy companions in our mindful presence engagements and leadership. We help each of us free ourselves from fear. We help each of us to sustainable health and fitness and wealth, to travel in joy to the right places and learn towards balance and harmony in all.

We help each of us ensure that our daughters and sons are well, in heart, body, mind, spirit and soul to live a life of sustainable abundance mindset.


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Tilarenn Solèy (Turenne Joseph)

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