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This fun game is just like my story, a self-conquest journey. I am humbly evolving in this life as I share the best value I can while earning more than a living. It is, no doubt, beneficial to mindfully start a business online with a low-cost investment towards valuable achievements. Do I tortoise it or tend to be like the rabbit? What's the impact?

Tortoise It! The tortoise is the perfect mascot for today’s world. Steady. Persistent. Unperturbable. A thick shell to pull into when needed. Poke your head out and look around — take a chance, at the right time. And you know what? They live a long, long time… and they get there!
~ Ken Evoy, SBI! Founder

Sharing my story here with you is about how to learn and earn as you do what you know and/or have a passion for, grow along the way, while you leverage your time wisely as best and start a business online. 

♥ You want your lifestyle to evolve grounded on fundamental values as you leverage your time online? You have a passion and/or knowledge you can and want to share? You want to earn more than a living on terms that matter? 

♥ Where to begin?

♥ The answer I find is Solo Build It! (SBI!) the tortoise way, a matter-of-fact step by step system and, the most valuably affordable platform of its kind right now to start a business online

Most people who use SBI! do achieve rewarding proving results. They have genuine testimonials with factual numbers to back-up the narratives. Actually, I am backing up my story with other authentic stories from fellow solopreneurs also using SBI! platform...

Videos from fellow SBI! Solopreneur chosen storylines:

When Wellesley first came across Solo Build It! (SBI!) in 2007, he didn’t plan to build a website, let alone a web business. He simply wanted to promote SBI! as an affiliate to earn some commission.

Little did he know that his side project of earning part-time affiliate income would turn into a fully fledged online business. A business that would eventually allow him to quit his day job and support his family of four.

But, let’s take it from the beginning, and hear Wellesley’s solopreneur success story on how to start a business online in his own words: 
Wellesley Gayle from

I found within Solo Built It!, invaluable leadership with a team of people showing me tried and true steps, no bias, and proven real results, all within a fully comprehensive Action Guide on how to start a business online wisely as best.

 SBI! Action Guide's simple steps to start a business online wisely as best: 

1. Master the All important basics

2. Develop your best site concept

3. Brainstorm profitable topics

4. Investigate and plan monetization options

5. Refine your site concept and register your domain name

6. Build a site that gets the click

7. Build free traffic from a variety of sources

8. Develop relationship

9. Know your visitors

10. Monetize

In whatever order, you will find similar information within any good article about how to start a business online wisely as best. You will still have to go through trial an errors, even if more details are provided, to figure out how to work out the steps to start a business online wisely and effectively thrive. 

With SBI!, the way is paved to move towards your targeted goal confidently with the right set of tools and process, steps by steps instructions and, a helpful community network always handy.

Important Note: humble self-acknowledgment and, to cultivate a wisely patient mindset are required.

Cost efficient
First and foremost, SBI! gave me the hope & the push I needed to even consider trying to build a website... I should also add one other main reason I was able to give SBI! a try is that it was not cost prohibitive. 

~ John Salt (

I, personally, experience dance as a pivotal key towards a consciously aligned lifestyle, a mighty undervalued path to a cultural revolution movement of respect, clarity and, integrity in balancing our constant becoming. With SBI! support, I am engaged in sharing my awareness widely while earning more than a living. I am receiving a straightforward education while effectively growing a small business online to bring our light to each other.

Ultimately, mindful passion and profitable services to others and ourselves is a very good match for personal and extended community growth.

Have you ever think that what comes easy to you now is knowledge others are seeking to learn more about and/or learn how to?

This article, through my story and 21 other stories, is about the road map you need and, people who are providing valuable insight.

I share how I first pursue the idea to grow a business online and earn big time with a blog, without a dime to invest. Some may succeed in creating a lifestyle that exact way, most don't.

It's been quite a learning curve, for me, to tortoise it! In the light of this first-hand experience and further research, I find that Solo Built It! (SBI!) offers the most overall value. The tortoise way reveals itself as the surest best way right now, online and offline. 

5 bummers I got acquainted with...

  1.  The sense of emergency freak

  2.  Time spread thin

  3.  Decisions rule by emotions

  4.  Bits of information stitched however from wherever

  5.  Urban myths

1. Not so fast! Call out to the sense of emergency freak!

I decided to start a business online at a critical moment in my life.

I am a creative soul. I resent constraint. A life made of constant same old routine feels like a death sentence to me.

Being a single mother at a young age, I was working in administration & accounting for convenience purpose but will get bored quickly and often change job less than 2 years in. After a big fat financial failure as an independent financial agent, broke and somewhat desperate, I decided on a 360° change of path.

I followed a recommendation from the Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar, which occured to me then as a game changer.

I decided to start a business online with a blog on, as an ever bright candle in all circumstances, dance spirit inspiration in my pursuit of sustainable mindful growth and conscious freedom lifestyle revolution. 

The first worthy model that I found and followed, to start a business online as I envisionned, was Jennifer Laycock's 30 days, zero Dollars and a little talent ebook. It is a concise version of her 30 days part-time blogging experience with the free Blogger Blogspot platform. It aimed to collect funds without spending a dime for the project Lactivist, a maternal milk bank.

I also tried Get Rich Quickies that popped up here and there, willing to squeeze in whatever because I felt in dire need for a pool of revenue real fast, real quick. Why would anyone deceit people blatantly intentionally, right?

Money was the main critical issue

As money was the critical issue, I came across how to start a business online with SiteSell Solo Built It! (SBI!) while looking for the JARS system of money management.

I verified:

   √ authentic

   √ trustworthy

   √ proof of accountable results

   √ all-in-one

   √ affordable for all budget

I became confident that I can start a business online wisely as best and thrive mindfully with SBI! online business system as my mentor.

Taking a leaf out of context from Jennifer Laycock's experience, I started with the free Blogger Blogspot platform, a little before I found SBI!

In parallel with starting to use SBI!, I would combine lessons learned from SBI! and Get Rich Quickies to keep on going with the free Blogger Blogspot platform. I was hoping for faster financial gains to somehow sustain my beginnings and help provide for my younger son who was still at home under my care.

I got a pretty cool start with social media references linking back to my free Blogger Blogspot platform endeavour. However, the first seemingly red carpet was, suddenly, quickly pulled under me.

I tried to shortcut both Jennifer Laycock's shared experiences and SBI!'s tortoise rhythm. Things went wrong. I could have known better.

SBI! Support. Good help/support people, tons of useful FAQs on pretty much anything you need to know, especially the incredible forums — whenever I have a question, I always know exactly where to go to find the answer.

That in itself is priceless! It saves me countless wasted hours trying to find reputable answers in the mishmash of useful, garbage, and out-of-date information that’s out there.

~  Erin Dragonsong  (

2. Time spread thin 

I have a vision and plenty of creativity to do wonders.

I know first hand about obstacles and I am not afraid to dive in without ever looking back.

I raised alone two boys now 25 and 32 years old. I spent my life struggling even though I was decently employed in administration and accounting. I went on with some pretty chaotic years when I switched to the status of an independent worker in financial planning.

I kept feeling pretty much hungry, my ultimate life quest always waiting on the sideline. 

To start a business online became a valuable solution to level up my game to where I can truly thrive.

SBI! always stays my absolute first choice. SBI! reminds me of alternate education philosophies such as Montessori, Waldorf or COOP programs. I am convinced that SBI! compares favourably with higher education business programs.

Get clarity. This is something that SBI! gives you when you’re just starting out. They tell you exactly what you need to do for each step. I loved that about SBI!. There was no guessing – no trying to figure out what to implement or what to do – no additional research.

They do it all for you. They give you the steps, and you are just responsible for getting the steps done. Map out your timeline for getting things done, and then do it.

~  Elizabeth O'Brien  (

Everything is at my fingertips

  • I need to focus on my goals.
  • I need to deliver quality content.
  • I need technical matters to be taken care of.
  • I need my online business to have constant progress.

SBI! provides all that is necessary.

I started to work patiently on revolisyon within SBI!'s platform and, to follow, step by step, the Action Guide instructions. 

SBI! is consistency. SBI! is brain, attitude and motivation at the unwavering pace of the tortoise.

My motivation was as high as can be. My attitude was that I needed money real quick like yesterday. My brain was fizzling like a dog running after its tail and, I would jump from one urban myths to another. I end up spending way more than I was earning following Get Rich Quickies and short videos from wherever. 

But, I kept going wherever in emergency mode as if everything was flaming 24/7!

I was fooling myself and, instead of managing it wisely, I spent away all my time, my most preciously invaluable and unrenewable energy.

I would still take what I was learning from SBI!, and add them to the Get Rich Quickies that caught my attention from wherever on the web. I spent, more often than not correcting not too well done work as I was learning better, way much more time on within the free Blogger Blogspot platform than on revolisyon within SBI! platform.

As a matter of fact, the free Blogger Blogspot platform web hosting convenience caught me off guard and quickly got me down to my knees. 

Free web hosting means complete dependence and subject to changes by the host without prior notice or right of regard. That's exactly what I experienced + I suspect my blog had been copied (The competitive site analysis program, Alexa, showed an that was the exact replicate of my and some funny things were done by the host of the free Blogger Blosgspot platform in supposedly my personal admin section, as a make up or something).

So, without prior notice or whatsoever right of regard, the free Blogger Blogspot platform host changed for along with links I built. Those changes practically meant, in terms of positioning on the web, a new start from scratch. The blog's ranking from Alexa's competitive site analysis program dropped drastically.

Flush down went six months of steady work. I survived, still short of money. Time went by. No gain and no solid foundation to grow from.

Keep It Real
I took seriously the message that passion and expertise would speak louder than cash-hunting. The Action Guide is a bonsai business plan: well-pruned, perfectly formed, diminutive, ancient, and evergreen.

~ Katharine Scarfe Beckett  (

Keep going. It will be OK. I meandered my way through countless “Get Rich Quick” (GRQ) pages, and kept coming back to SBI!. Its attraction was real people, telling real stories. They were ordinary people, people like me. It was a case of thinking — if they could, I could.

~  Susan Dugdale  (

Antidote to Snake-Oil Pitches. 
Before I joined SBI!, I knew zero about the ways of the Web and I was a sucker for every snake oil pitch out there. After getting bitten a few times, SBI!’s BS-free message about building a REAL business was the antidote I needed.

~  Harvey Chapman (

3. Rule by emotions

I must admit that my online presence turned to madness at work! 

Madness: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Obsessive people, beware! 

Always a step ahead with the Action Guide.
I was finally able to quit my full-time work last year (yay!) and live off my online business (aka website) earnings alone, so I guess that is a successful step right there — but I know I could be doing much better.

Right now, 100% of my income comes from Google Ads… which is scary because I have to make sure I don’t break their rules and get suspended and lose my livelihood overnight.

I am working on implementing my own products this year. Also, I have just set up my first proper affiliate promotion related directly to my website topic. 

~  Sarah Booysen  (

Unwisely willful and pigheaded, I would not cultivate patience and stop skipping steps to follow the Action Guide consistently and effectively build an online business.

There was no time to go back to the drawing table. No time to think over, plan and organize better. I kept spending more than I earned. I wished and believed that I could get it all back multiply by ten, hundreds or thousands more than I could ever imagine.

Go figure...! Urban myths?

I let my emotions get the better of me.

In the same period of time, adding up to the sizzle, I also became my ageing mother's sole caregiver. I had to deal with a debilitating health system more inclined to care for administrative matters than people's wellbeing and quality of life.

I managed to add content regularly to the somehow reformatted within the free Blogger Blogspot platform. Upon learning that a personalized blog is better/safer, I bought the name for $10 a year in order to drop the free blogspot extension name, but kept on using the free Blogger Blogspot web hosting platform.

Still expecting different results, I bought along with,, and, to have one big combined hopefully great team of blog rolls of pages to win the race apart from the "start a business online" hype crews. Dance quotes, and dance gifts were Google AdSense good potential keywords I found through SBI! platform Brainstorming It! tool. Little did I understand yet that I bought myself a load of more work to pursue the madmess at work, rule by unleashed emotions.

To add to the madness, Google AdSense banned me shortly after for a technical reason. Out went my sole monetization and the 10 $ in store as the financial results of all my unwisely willful and pigheaded hustling.

In came a cause that took over my heart

I couldn't resist! I dive in with passion unfettered by my circumstances! 

I contributed an intensive 3 months of marketing in support of a fundraising to the benefit of the Youth Dance Program Dansepyenu in Haiti. I set a dance quotes challenge and used tools from the course Lancements orchestrés by Le Marketeur français, inspired by Jeff Walker's very popular Product Launch Formula. 

It was a good learning experience. However, beside keeping revolisyon within SBI! platform within the free Blogger Blogspot platform also got off track for months. Slowly, though, I managed through half of SBI's Action Guide 10 days concept and got revolisyon's home page online as a first tiny step to visibility.

A little sidetracked you think?

I was still taking care of my mother for 2 years. With the help of Usana Health Sciences cellular nutrition, an MLM business I started along the way, we gradually reversed the degenerating side effects of prescription drugs. 

And this is only the tip of the iceberg!

Keep It Simple.
The Keep It Simple philosophy, continuously focusing on simple steps, just works. The Tips and Techniques articles are invaluable! The knowledge they have brought me over the years about web design, content creation, keyword analysis, marketing, and business in general has made me a better entrepreneur, not just for my SBI! site, but for my other business as well.

~  Ugo Ortolano  (

4. Why stitch when you can build?

It feels like, in my overboard eagerness for quick instant results, I was on a quest to the end of earth. All along, I essentially had right inside my pocket the keys to build sustainably and wisely as best toward the needed results.

Do not skip through the Action Guide. 
The Action Guide is really simple and straightforward. The trouble is that many of us think we know better and decide to take shortcuts, only to regret it later. In the initial phases of building my website, I was too excited to just get going and made a lot of mistakes.

Later when I saw that my site was not doing so well I went back to the Action Guide to check where I went wrong. After following its advice closely, my site did better.

My advice to anyone is… “do not skip through the Action Guide and do as it says.” The success formula is there for you; don’t reinvent the wheel.

~  Dr. Moses Simuyemba  (

Why stitch bits of information however from wherever when you can simply focus on well-pruned building blocks?

I have to humbly acknowledge that there is no such thing as a fast-track machine to quick instant results in any known realm. So far, SBI! is the only all-in-one-step-by-step online business system of process to deliver proofs of thriving online solo entrepreneurial success, I know.

Although I partially used SBI!'s tortoise wisdom, the good returns I got were from doing so.

I've always kept aligned because however lost I've been, from the moment I wanted to start a business online, integrity has always been my number one priority. SBI! shows plenty of that integrity!

I am practically learning to keep it simple and build on constant progress, one step at a time, the tortoise way. I already know, or remember, that I am a slow walker anyway.

A firm resolve to focus on SBI! process and tools is a no-brainer.

5. The real thing vs urban myths to start a business online wisely as best and thrive mindfully

Don't fall for Urban Myths!

In my eagerness to start a business online, like yesterday without any safety net whatsoever because I was so focused on emergency need of money, I did repetitive false starts ruled by emotions.

Solo Built it! provides, far beyond expectations to beginners as well as experienced webmasters from creative background and all walks of life, sharp actionable tools to start a business online wisely as best and thrive.

Time. While others are stuck in the Training Trap, consistently doing one online marketing course after another, (and there is ALWAYS another), I plod along — slowly but surely winning – not a race – my freedom!

~  Ian Parkin  (

My success requires well aligned personal motivation as well as reliable resources to free up my spin, desires and creativity.

I first considered to start a business online for financial growth and it turned out to be a wonderful personal growth experience. It is worth all the time I invested.

Using my talent, hobbies, passions, experiences, what motivates and drives me, to level up my game effectively and efficiently, is crystal clear.

I can avoid all the noises around while I concentrate on effective work.

My subject revolution dance movement, is well documented to fit strongly in its niche. The most valuable proposition to benefit you is crystal clear: movement for better living.

SBI! gave me access to examples of other websites that have succeeded, along with all the other useful information found in forums, etc., which gives me insight and confidence that I can succeed. Sometimes the most important thing is to know that something can be done and knowing that you are not wasting your time trying.

~ Franco Normani  (

Get answers to your questions about how to start a business online wisely as best with SBI! (Solo Build It!) and SBI! for WordPress.

You can also access SBI! Case studies and success stories available for your deeper facts research.

The logical, analytical and left-brained person will find even more valuable information in a 5 in-depth comparative studies on the status of online solopreneurship.

I bite more than I can chew and it so unnecessarily draining. Solo Built It! simply provides how to leverage the time I am spending online effectively, sustainably, the tortoise way.

Security. Worry-Free. I know my site is always 100% secure and online – no hackers! My domain is safe, renewed without any hassles on my side, even on the odd occasion when I had bank card renewal problems. The server is always sufficient for my traffic. In short, I never have to worry about any hosting problems.

No Fluff – Peace of Mind. No matter how big or small the changes are on the internet, it affects all websites. I truly appreciate how the SBI team always comes up with a plan when there are important changes that require action – without getting their subscribers in a freaked-out flat spin. SBI! encouraged me to be a game changer, not a follower.

~  Sanet Geyser  (

I am cultivating patience wisely as best. I am dancing my way much more wiser to profitable results while remaining mindfully in service to others and myself! 

Do not just take my words and check the possibilities and results.

Keep your focus on a lifestyle of sustainable values, share your passion and what you are knowledgeable of and, earn more than a living: Start a business online with SBI!, Solo Built It!

Value. Overall, I have received more value from SBI! than any other purchase in my entire life, and the value consistently increases with no corresponding increase in price. I’ve been a customer for over 10 years and haven’t seen a single price increase, despite product value increasing at least 10 fold. This is incredible.

SBI! has contributed to my success…by providing an example of how to constantly increase value through continuous improvement.

~ Arthur Gueli  (

Did I tortoise it or tend to be like the rabbit? What is the impact?

Ask me your questions. I'm available to help in your decision process to start a business online.

Tell me about your observations or any particular comment you may have on how to start a business online wisely as best and thrive mindfully.

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