Dance love and respect revolution towards balance and harmony in all

Dance Love and Respect Revolution | Author / publisher: Tilarenn Solèy (Turenne Joseph) | To my sons, our sons and daughters, you

Balance and harmony are embedded to the power of our conscious movement.

Our movements mindfully conscious lead to, love and respect revolution, total presence in every moment, freely.

Align to the essential. Connect to your body. Live by your fundamental aspirations. Be joyfully empowered. 

Experience dances as your mindful presence pivotal key towards your conscious freedom lifestyle. 

Dance is an ever simple and accessible way to mindful presence within the vitality of our movements. 

Dances propel us to Be joyfully in balance and harmony within as without, heart, body, mind, spirit and soul.

This space is a crossroad of mindful presence and vital energy.

We share and better grasp. We claim, embrace and spread dances as our fundamental legacy to joyful mindful presence.  

Align to the essential. Connect to your body. Live by your fundamental aspirations. Be joyfully empowered.

The essential is sharing at the epicentre of our lives

Here, we deepen our knowledge and understanding.

Our movements in body and speech express the language we choose to be.

The art of movement transcends spiritual, cultural, social, political and economic power. 

Draw yourself in the moment. 

Let the soul rhythms of the words sink in.


  • Elevate our consciousness. 

  • Appreciate our vital energy as the fundamental joyful essence of our mindful presence.

  • Integrate the rhythm of our breath as a barometer of self care. Know how to better touch our vital energy to live better and better, every day and every moment.

  • Exchange in a framework of cooperation as millennials, X, Y and Z generations, and better connect. 

  • Converge to the possibility of global balance and harmony as a simple fact.

(It's stunning how strong we stand in self-conquest. It's impressive what we can learn together. It's monumental what we can achieve with our experiences, strengths, courage, love and respect in common.)


  • a place like home to recharge

  • a place we share to let go and embrace our fundamental joy in self-conquest

  • a place of total presence and acceptance

  • a place to reciprocate on our mindful presence through our freely conscious movements


 We need to align to the essential.

 We need to share our beliefs, concerns and values.

 We need both indulgence and discipline to co-evolve in the worlds.

♥ We need to express ourselves.

♥ We need balance between body and mind.

♥ We need to live by our fundamental aspirations.

♥ We need to be connected to our body.

♥ We need to be joyfully empowered.

♥ We need to dance Love & Respect.

We need to align to the essential. We need to share our beliefs, concerns and values. We need both indulgence and discipline to co-evolve in the worlds. We need balance between body and mind.

We need to express ourselves. We need to live by our fundamental aspirations. We need to be connected to our body. We need to be joyfully empowered. We need to dance Love & Respect.

World rhythms and dances evolve throughout the planet to embrace those needs.

They are means of expression acknowledge as great entertainments. 

They convert to complete leisure activities.

They provide total health and fitness.

They hold vibrant human channels energy.  

They also convey much more than what meet the eyes.

They fuel our spirit and well of self care towards balance and harmony.

They lead us beyond body and time.

Would you agree?

Pearl Primus reflects how the art of movement teaches us to transcend time and all barriers:

''Dance has been my teacher, ever so patiently revealing to me,
the dignity, beauty and strength in the cultural heritage of my people, as a vital part of the great heritage of all mankind''.        

Pearl Primus
My Statement in Accelerated Motion Dance History

What is our ultimate design?

Our soul rhythms are our vital energy eternal essence

We connect with people everywhere on the planet. We indulge in the learning experience. We share the wealth.

We build together a crescendo of ever-growing consciousnessWe grow in appreciation of each other. We nurture our presence within the world cultures and the universe. 

We research world ancestral traditions. We examine their emergence nowadays in all, cultures, performing arts and entertainments.

We explore world communities' faith and mysteries with open heart, body, mind, and soul.

All the while, we stay true to or unravel, our own essence.

We all came into this realm, a marvel, and unique miracle. We still are.

Beyond our similarities and differences, we are all link to water, earth, fire, air, and divinity.

We connect to integrate life elements better. We embody total health and fitness and wellness. We reach deeply to our essence, our soul rhythms.

Our soul rhythms are our vital energy eternal essence. Once we tap into it, we board the journey in our perfect spaceship, in our full consciousness light.

How do we access this ultimate self care to self-conquest legacy?

Don't worry about your age, ability, health and fitness and wellness level. You can naturally and viscerally access this ultimate self care to self-conquest legacy. You integrate it through rhythm.

You can naturally integrate this legacy's benefits through rhythm

Rhythm is everywhere in our daily lives. We acknowledge its vital nature within. We embrace every moment in tune with the rhythm of our breath.

We give ourselves the means to become more aware. We appreciate simple gestures. We nurture them, be it morning rituals, everyday workouts, going outside and move, walks.

We develop our full potential of inherent self care vitality through rhythms. 

We evolve as we Indulge in, Appreciate & Integrate them better.

We Indulge in through presence in feeling and observing without prejudice or censorship.

We simply take in all there is through all our senses.

We Appreciate what our beings, our soul, positively respond to.

We stir this vital energy we tapped into through action or meditation. We experience it further.

We fine-tune our consciousness to better Integrate it.

We develop our full potential of inherent self care vitality through rhythms

3 essential keys...

You need to align to the essential. You need balance between body and mind. You need both indulgence and discipline to co-evolve in the worlds. You need to live by your fundamental aspirations. You need to be and stay connected to your body. You need to be joyfully empowered.

You want a better grasp on times and your time. You want more self-esteem and trust. You want better care for yourself, your body and your environment to total health and fitness. You want to fully express your joy of being. You want to dance Love and Respect always better.

Here are the 3 essential keys:

3 essential keys from dances spirit powerful heritage to mindful living: indulge, appreciate, integrate

These are dances spirit powerful heritage to joyful living. They resonate positively in all areas of your life. 

Conscious movement in harmony within our body strengthens our inner power. Conscious movement helps us better appreciate ourselves and our presence in the worlds.

We are discerning conscious movement revolution through the rhythms of our breath.

Thus, we embody and integrate the profound joy of powerful self care to self-conquest. They manifest all through life's journey.

Ultimately, dances propel us to Be entirely.

Welcome aboard...

It is our privilege to be empowered through mindful presence.

I am heartfully obliged and pleased to have you here.

We slip into the world communities. We receive and sprinkle magical dance quotes.

We question sacred circles. We probe our vital energy. We explore arts and entertainments, dance academies and ethnic traditions

We learn dance simply & workout within our internal energy.

We shop and trade in conscious movement.

We become iworld with the planet rhythms.

We indulge in powerful presence through conscious movement revolution.

We unfold our appreciation of self care to self-conquest. We blossom in total health and fitness and wellness. We move in deep and timeless joy. We evolve towards balance and harmony.

We express the light that we are, in total positive agreements with ourselves.

Do interact! Share freely!

Ask questions, propose answers from heart, body, mind, spirit and soul. Let your conscious movements magic spirit flow!

Ultimately, dances propel us to Be entirely

Content Summary

All that is important in this one moment is movement. Make the moment important, vital, and worth living. Do not let it slip away unnoticed and unused.

 ~   Martha Graham

Share, heart to soul, as you wish...

Express your experiences, intentions, commitments, love, and joy.

Share your art/wins/challenges of self-conquest to mindful presence, your dance to life...

The dance floor is yours...

prezans total nou depase rèv nou alenfini | pleine présence au bout de nos rêves à l'infini | mindful presence beyond our wildest dreams to infinity
We are One to uplift each other! Namaste! Ayibobo! Ase!

Happy to have you here! I'm Tilarenn Solèy. Happy to share joyful conscious movement revolution and universal wellness in this powerful self-care to self-conquest journey. We care to Be entirely. We stir our vital energy. We embrace and celebrate our mindful presence. We fully dance love and respect towards balance and harmony in all.

We are one dance with the earth, the universe and the infinite.
Everything relates to dance because life is a dance. Dance is movement. Movement is life. Conscious movement is mindful presence love and respect revolution towards balance and harmony in all. 

My vital energy focus for us: to dance Love & Respect to infinity. 

 Honour to Legba; Honour to our Ancestors; 

We open the doors. We help each of us put all barriers down. We help each of us create and fuel flowing positive communication channels.

We help each of us empower growing communities of ever more passionately daring and creative people. People thriving to dance life in balance and harmony. People developing an ever mindful presence through conscious movement. People honouring our essence in powerful self-care to self-conquest.

We help each of us be trustworthy companions in our mindful presence engagements and leadership. We help each of us free ourselves from fear. We help each of us to sustainable health and fitness and wealth, to travel in joy to the right places and learn towards balance and harmony in all.

We help each of us ensure that our daughters and sons are well, in heart, body, mind, spirit and soul to live a life of sustainable abundance mindset.


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Tilarenn Solèy (Turenne Joseph)

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