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The dance floor is yours...

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Mindful presence through dances spirit conscious movement revolution

It is a real challenge to share with you about conscious movement dances of spiritual, cultural, social, political and economic revolution. 

Mindful presence brings joy, passion, total health and fitness in tune to the root, the essence our vitality.

This journey is of the uttermost importance. We gain invaluable awareness open to ourselves and the world.

We are One!

Dances spirit conscious movement's vitality strengthen our inner power.

Dance is not just for dancers, but for anyone sensitive to the meaning of motion. Dance is... awareness.
~  Michele and Robert Root-Bernstein (Psychology Today)

iheart dances

iheart Dances is an open space to you. 

Express your experiences, love and joy.

Share about your challenges, your mindful presence, how you dance life.

Share, heart to soul, as you wish.

You may inspire me and others over and above our imagination.

The Dance Floor Is Yours To Take! 

The dance floor is yours to take!

Share your feelings, your love of movement, your joy, your mindful presence and self-care challenges, how you dance life.

The dance floor is yours...

You can use this form right away or take your time to discover around. Maybe you want for us to get acquainted first in My Dances.  

It's All Your Choice!

I also invite you to Be in the flow, learn, appreciate, and engage in this powerful heart, mind, body and soul rhythms journey.

We must absolutely dance life to radiate in balance and harmony in all! 

Change occurs but the basic element of dance endures.
     ~  Elizabeth A. Hanley 
(Introduction from the books serie WORLD OF DANCE)

Our contact rhythms

Rhythm is the foundation, the fundamental element, the source, the essence of all that lives.

Dance rhythm is the communication means I am most at ease with.

It is a tremendous challenge to express conscious movement's quintessential rhythm through words mostly.'s viability stems from the rhythm of the online business system expertise that helps me carry this genuine quest with authenticity, boldness, and integrity.

Enjoy the Journey 

We are One! 

Love, joy, passion towards balance and harmony are all here. Every word aims to make this worldwide soul travel well worth your attention to dance your vital energy.

Dance is a safe kind of high! 

Let Your Dances Spirit Flow!

...Flow, the medium of dance / movement, can connect community, just as water connects people  
~  Marylee hardenbergh (Global Water Dances) 

prezans total nou depase rèv nou alenfini | pleine présence au bout de nos rêves à l'infini | mindful presence beyond our wildest dreams to infinity
We are One to uplift each other! Namaste! Ayibobo! Ase!

Happy to have you here! I'm Turenne / Tilarenn Solèy. Happy to share joyful conscious movement revolution and universal wellness in this powerful self care to self-conquest journey. We care to Be entirely. We stir our vital energy. We embrace and celebrate our mindful presence. We fully dance love and respect towards balance and harmony in all.

We are one dance with the earth, the universe and the infinite.
Everything relates to dance because life is a dance. Dance is movement. Movement is life. Conscious movement is mindful presence love and respect revolution towards balance and harmony in all. 

My vital energy focus for us: to dance Love & Respect to infinity. 

 Honour to Legba; Honour to our Ancestors; 

We open the doors. We help each of us put all barriers down. We help each of us create and fuel flowing communication channels.

We help each of us empower growing communities of ever more passionately daring and creative people. People thriving to dance life in balance and harmony. People developing an ever mindful presence through conscious movement. People honouring our essence in powerful self care to self-conquest.

We help each of us be trustworthy companions in leadership to embrace the journey. We help each of us free ourselves from fear. We help each of us sustain health and fitness and wealth to travel in joy to the right places and learn towards balance and harmony in all.

We help each of us ensure that our daughters and sons are well, in heart, body, mind, spirit and soul to live a life of sustainable abundance mindset.


SBI!: A means to thrive in mindful presence to self-sufficiency

Have you ever consider a mindful Online Business to dance to? 

Wisely start a business online and thrive mindfully!

Full disclosure:
As an affiliate, I receive compensation if you make a purchase through one of the above link.

 I believe in honesty and integrity of relationship, opinion and identity. The views and opinions expressed on this site are purely my own unless stated otherwise. I only endorse products or services that I use and that I believe are worthy of such endorsement.

Turenne ° Tilarenn Solèy

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