Revolution movement dance shop to total presence sublime rhythm

Deepen the knowledge of your powerful vital energy in consciousness of your total presence sublime rhythm

Our consciousness of all reflects the vibrational consciousness of energy in everything.

Your consciousness motion embodies the energy that emanates from everything to self-conquest, the core element to the sacred essence of your dance rhythms

The resources here are carefully chosen to carry on self-care to self-conquest and total presence revolution dance movement in this journey to the depths of our being.

Respect the sublime rhythm of your total presence revolution movement towards balance of love, respect, integrity to infinity...

The planet dances and celebrations in rhythms and rituals of joy and sorrow are health energy dances. Life's simple health sources are noticeably emerging anew and we receive them, inspirited.

This dance shop is a resourceful place for treasures to choose from according to what you feel compelled to discover, to energize your spirit, to refine and to integrate. Explore the world as a great palette of colours to better radiate your very own true color.

The sacred essence of your dance rhythm energy is kinetic health and active meditation. This dance shop align us to embody the energy that makes the world genuinely vibrate with fundamental joy. 

Such a journey will...

  • awaken your imaginary in new dimensions and your body's memory in awesome opening to necessary new horizons.
  • have you find yourself appreciating new depth of vitality truly timeless

  • reveal that a deeper connexion with your own self is bound to follow.


Full disclosure: 
I believe in honesty and integrity of relationship, opinion and identity. The views and opinions expressed on this site are purely my own unless stated otherwise. I only endorse products or services that I use and that I believe are worthy of such endorsement.

~ Tilarenn Solèy (Turenne Joseph)

This dance shop is a place where tradition approaches modernity with an integrity perspective 

You will enjoy yourself tremendously as a dance of life practitioner.

If you landed here seeking and searching through, you will find treasures.

The value of tradition in modernity as well as the benefits of tradition to modernity, we approach unabide by conventions.

Relate to this unique dance shop

You will find here grounds for a true world travel exploration in bliss.

"It's most important that you know the traditions of your art form. 
Then you can go ahead and break it and alter it and do it in retrograde, but it's most important that you have a foundation. 
Then you can build all kinds of miraculous temples on it"

Garth Fagan

Our life energy, inner rhythm, as the energy of the solstices and the moon cycle

The Solstices and the moon cycle provide excellent grounds to pick up the meaning of energy as it transpires  intertwined in worldwide stories. 

The moon cycle emphasizes the cyclic nature of life and its dynamic that refutes linearity to oblivion.

December, Winter Solstice in the North towards Summer Solstice in the South, is the heart of the season of dormancy. The December Solstice marks the turning of the Sun as the days slowly get longer. Celebrations of the lighter days to come and nature’s continuing cycle are prevalent.

When the summer days are at their longest, and in the North it is the time of the Midnight Sun, cultures throughout the spectacle of humanity generally celebrate the fertility of the Earth. Earth fertility is the ultimate symbolism of ever-present energy of life continuity nurtured.

We keep dancing to acknowledge the sustainable abundance spirit of mother Earth and ever remember to always keep nurturing it well.

Books and videos 

Africa culture of universal perpetual movements

America culture of renewal

Arab culture of celebration

Caribbean culture of roots



India culture of veneration

Indigenous ancestral culture



Dance games

Solopreneurship revolution dance movement


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How to foster this revolution dance movement?

We bring up a revolution movement with true connections everywhere, in every plane! Really!

We bring awareness to factual realms from as close as home and unknown space and places, indigenous and kemet particularly.

You will know that a total presence revolution movement starts from within. This dance shop is a way to open doors so that your soul dances home wherever in the world.

A total presence revolution exist as deeply as you are experiencing the movement. You rip the benefits in awe consciousness of...

This revolution movement dance shop aligns with resources to your mindful total presence and self-conquest.

This revolution movement dance shop is meant to bath us in conscious rhythm revolution movement of love, respect and joy, towards balance and integrity in all. 

Keep learning, vibrate your inner rhythm energy better and better.

Revolution Movement Dance Shop to total presence sublime rhythm

Share your arts, wins, challenges of total presence to self-conquest, unwind your dance! ♥ 
This path of light on a genuine movement in revolution to dance our sacred essence is for you...

Be still. Share, heart to soul, as you wish...

Express your experiences, intentions, commitments, strength, love, and joy.

Share your art, wins, challenges of total presence to self-conquest, unwind your dance...

This path of light on the revolution movement to dance our sacred essence is for you...

See what we've been already sharing...

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prezans total nou depase rèv nou alenfini | pleine présence au bout de nos rêves à l'infini | mindful presence beyond our wildest dreams to infinity

Happy to have you here! I'm Tilarenn Solèy.
Happy to share this powerful self-care to self-conquest journey in 
joyful conscious movement of universal wellness. We care to Be entirely. We stir our vital energy. We embrace and celebrate total presence to fully dance love, respect and joy, balance and integrity in all.

We are one dance with the earth, the universe and the infinite. 
Everything relates to your dance because life is a dance. Your dance is movement. Movement is life. Conscious movement in revolution dance is mindful total presence rhythm of love, respect and joy, balance and integrity, to nurture the sacred essence of your dance.

My vital energy focus for us: Movement in revolution to dance love, respect and joy, balance and integrity to infinity.

Honour to our Nanas and Legba; Honour to our Ancestors; 

We open the doors. We help each of us put all barriers down. We help each of us unravel and fuel flowing positive communication channels.

We help each of us empower growing communities of ever more deeply respectful and grounded people. We help each of us empower growing communities of people thriving to dance balance and integrity in all.

We help each of us empower growing communities of people in mindfulness and total presence through conscious questions and movements. We help each of us empower growing communities of people honouring our essence in powerful self-care to self-conquest.

We help each of us be trustworthy companions in our total presence engagement and guidance. We help each of us free ourselves from fear. We help each of us to sustainable health and fitness and wealth, to travel in joy to the right places to continuous learning towards balance and integrity in all.

We help each of us ensure that our daughters and sons are well, in heart and soul, body, mind and spirit through sustainable abundance mindset to carry on the sacred essence of our dance.

° Kadanse prezans total nou - moman majik/ | ° Danse ta pleine présence - moments magiques/ | ° Dance your mindful total presence - magic moments/ | revolisyon

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