Ethnic dances through time

Ethnic dance is a very popular term in reference to world traditional music and dances. 

Ethnic dances are rich and diverse with distinctive characteristics in every single part of the world from folk dance to performing arts dances.  

Learning about the wide variety of dances to celebrate life in most regions on the planet is a magnificent way to travel the world and, discover the gems of cultural rhythms in...

From East to West, South, and North of the globe, dance unfolds here for our delightful enjoyment of world traditional music and dances.

We explore dances past and present values as well as their challenges in regards to modernity, funnelled through ethnic dance history.

As we explore and appreciate the movements and their meanings, we value and integrate the benefits. The main benefit prevails as deep and timeless joy as we blossom in total health and fitness, heart, body, mind and soul.

America, Africa, Antartica, through Asia, Europe, India to the Middle East, Oceania and the Caribbean rhythms...

Wherever you are compelled to travel, bring along all of your 9 senses.

Be ready to immerse into soul rhythms and dances.

Be ready to experience the language of God, true and deep love, of course, manifesting its essence simply naturally.

You will be in awe with amazing joy!

Have you noticed the simple universality and musicality of the word dance?

Dances naturally express dynamic conscious movements.

Dances bring smart and lively perspectives to complexities and all situations or contexts. 

Be it perceive as banal, entertaining or seriously important, dances level it all. We understand that fact simply with terms like cooking dance, love dance and the dance of business... 

Following are the specific world travel paths through dances bodily and spiritually magic wand.

African dances

These two simple words, African dances, if we are open to consciously reflect on them, bring a vision of the world in the realms of past millennium to the quest of ancestries and today's globalization.

The testimonies are widely spread in the African continent and beyond in Ethiopian Traditional Music and Dances, Mapouka: A traditional dance, Capoeira, and more...

Arab dances

If I must use only one word to express my knowledge of Arab dances, it is celebration. A celebration of spiritual consciousness in Sufism. A celebration of female energy in Raqs el Sharqi

Asian dances

Asian dances are expressions of quests in the making and philosophical researches. They follow a philosophy with the discipline necessary to mastery.

The results are regarded as leading-edge masterpieces or renowned classical arts such as Khmer Traditional Music and Dances, Chinese dances

Caribbean dances

Caribbean dances are fundamental in expressing identities, vitality and struggles. A lot of them are literally fighting weapons such as Damyé.

Haiti ethnic dances and traditions, for example, is a mosaic of rhythm revelationsThe spiritual essence from aboriginal sources have been safeguard through Vodou roots.

Modern influences spike in folklore dances rooted in traditional dance movements.

The essence of rhythm is everywhere, in the way people simply walk and how they bring colours to all in everyday life. This is particularly relevant in the dances. Calypso is no exception.

Indian dances

The most distinctive and compelling element I find in Indian dances is that we look into the many faces of God throughout the body.

However down to earth is the technique, however banal is the storytelling, the movements do elevate, do bring access to another dimension.

The body becomes a temple in Odissi dance.

Indigenous dances

Indigenous dances are rituals of manifestations, prayers and symbolism to reinforce the communication with mother earth and all the elements of the universe.

Indigenous culture existence has survived the cleavages of the modern world in many regions.

Indigenous culture is very present in most traditional dances.

Indigenous culture is fiercely acknowledged in ancestral traditions like Hawaiian Hula dances and Native American Dance Stick.

European dances

However vast is Europe, the common practices in all the different regions are dances as an expression of the cycles of life, of seasons, often with manifestations to explain the magic in the vitality of the world.

Ethnic dances are ever present in festivals and life customs.

Folk Dances such as German rhythms flourish beyond borders to countries such as Austria, Hungary, and The Danube.

Folk Dances are also the spirit source of performing arts dances such as Viennese Waltz, creative dance theatre, and modern dance.

Many pioneers in the world performing arts dances cultural changes are recognized to be from German culture.

Slavic dances

Slavic dances emphasize on community bonding.

In fact, folk music and dances are very distinctive traditions of great influences.

From folk music and dances emerged centuries of excellence in classical music, opera, theatre, and Ballet.

Ballet has become a quintessential art in such country as Russia.

Performing arts dances are part of the people customs from early age schooling. 

South America dances

The beauty of South America dances (popularly called latin dances) is that they are above all truly cross-cultural experiences. It is such a rich journey to live them, to travel through their origins and the many paths they took and are still taken.

South America dances roots are widely indigenous.

In Mexico, Aztec indigenous dance religious practices were common people level dances related to life elements cycles and elite dances.

The elite dances associated with the priest and ruling classes had been eradicated. The life elements cycles dances still flourish beyond life cycles in all regions of Mexico with influences from European and African heritage to some extent.

A few examples of South America dances dynamism are Argentina dances, Samba, Tango

Ethnic dance practices through time

Ethnic dance in traditional music and dance practices go back to the beginning of times. 

Whatever belief there is as to the origin of dance, we face its elemental nature, the dances spirit, through cultural similarities and differences.

Dances spirit with its ever actual symbiosis with its environment deconstructs our notion of time.

Through ethnic dances, we have the means to acknowledge world diversity as a force to reckon and cherish. We have the means to indulge in wonderfully amazing and joyful wellbeing.

Ethnic dances through time

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Share your art, wins, challenges of total presence to self-conquest, unwind your challenges to dance your essence...

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