I hope you dance to blossom in deep fundamental joy through times

I hope you dance and embrace world traditional music and dances rich legacies to blossom in deep and timeless joy.

World traditional music and dances are often refer to by the popular term ethnic dance. World traditional music and dances have also evolved to modernity in entertainment arts and dance workouts.

Ethnic dances are rich and diverse with distinctive characteristics in every single part of the world from folk dances to performing arts dances.  

Dance classes everywhere bring closer to home dance traditions from around the globe, in many forms, including dance workouts.

I hope you dance to learn about the wide variety of dances to celebrate life in most regions on the planet. It is a magnificent way to travel the world and, discover the gems of cultural rhythms in...

From East to West, South, and North of the globe, dance unfolds here for our delightful enjoyment of world traditional music and dances, art and entertainment dances and dance workouts.

I hope you dance to explore dances past and present values as well as their challenges in regards to modernity, funnelled through ethnic dance history.

I hope you dance to explore and appreciate the movements and their meanings, to value and integrate the benefits. The main benefit prevails as fundamentally deep and timeless joy as we blossom in total health and fitness, heart, body, mind, spirit and soul.

America, Africa, Antartica, through Asia, Europe, India to the Middle East, Oceania and the Caribbean rhythms...

Wherever you are compelled to travel, bring along all of your 9 senses.

Be ready to immerse into soul rhythms and dances.

Be ready to experience the language of God, true and deep love manifesting its essence simply naturally.

You will be in awe with amazing joy!

Have you noticed the simple universality and musicality of the word dance?

I hope you dance to naturally express the dynamic of your movements.

Your dance brings smart and lively perspectives to complexities of all situations or contexts. 

Be it perceive as banal, entertaining or seriously important, dance level it all. We understand that fact simply with terms like cooking dance, love dance and the dance of business... 

Following are the specific world travel paths through dance bodily wisdom and spiritually magic wand.

Ethnic dance richness carries essential elements to total presence

African dances

These two simple words, African dances, if we are open to consciously reflect on them, bring a vision of the world in the realms of past millennium to the quest of ancestries and today's globalization.

The testimonies are widely spread in the African continent and beyond in Ethiopian Traditional Music and Dances, Mapouka: A traditional dance, Capoeira, and more...

Arab dances

If I must use only one word to express my knowledge of Arab dances, it is celebration. A celebration of spiritual consciousness in Sufism. A celebration of female energy in Raqs el Sharqi

Asian dances

Asian dances are expressions of quests in the making and philosophical researches. They follow a philosophy with the discipline necessary to mastery.

The results are regarded as leading-edge masterpieces or renowned classical arts such as Khmer Traditional Music and Dances, Chinese dances

Caribbean dances

Caribbean dances are fundamental in expressing identities, vitality and struggles. A lot of them are literally fighting weapons such as Damyé.

Haiti ethnic dances and traditions, for example, is a mosaic of rhythm revelationsThe spiritual essence from aboriginal sources have been safeguard through Vodou roots.

Modern influences spike in folklore dances rooted in traditional dance movements.

The essence of rhythm is everywhere, in the way people simply walk and how they bring colours to all in everyday life. This is particularly relevant in the dances. Calypso is no exception.

Indian dances

The most distinctive and compelling element I find in Indian dances is that we look into the many faces of God throughout the body.

However down to earth is the technique, however banal is the storytelling, the movements do elevate, do bring access to another dimension.

The body becomes a temple in Odissi dance.

Indigenous dances

Indigenous dances are rituals of manifestations, prayers and symbolism to reinforce the communication with mother earth and all the elements of the universe.

Indigenous culture existence has survived the cleavages of the modern world in many regions.

Indigenous culture is very present in most traditional dances.

Indigenous culture is fiercely acknowledged in ancestral traditions like Hawaiian Hula dances and Native American Dance Stick.

European dances

However vast is Europe, the common practices in all the different regions are dances as an expression of the cycles of life, of seasons, often with manifestations to explain the magic in the vitality of the world.

Ethnic dances are ever present in festivals and life customs.

Folk Dances such as German rhythms flourish beyond borders to countries such as Austria, Hungary, and The Danube.

Folk Dances are also the spirit source of performing arts dances such as Viennese Waltz, creative dance theatre, and modern dance.

Many pioneers in the world performing arts dances cultural changes are recognized to be from German culture.

Slavic dances

Slavic dances emphasize on community bonding.

In fact, folk music and dances are very distinctive traditions of great influences.

From folk music and dances emerged centuries of excellence in classical music, opera, theatre, and Ballet.

Ballet has become a quintessential art in such country as Russia.

Performing arts dances are part of the people customs from early age schooling. 

South America dances

The beauty of South America dances (popularly called latin dances) is that they are above all truly cross-cultural experiences. It is such a rich journey to live them, to travel through their origins and the many paths they took and are still taken.

South America dances roots are widely indigenous.

In Mexico, Aztec indigenous dance religious practices were common people level dances related to life elements cycles and elite dances.

The elite dances associated with the priest and ruling classes had been eradicated. The life elements cycles dances still flourish beyond life cycles in all regions of Mexico with influences from European and African heritage to some extent.

A few examples of South America dances dynamism are Argentina dances, Samba, Tango

Ethnic dance practices through time

Ethnic dance in traditional music and dance practices go back to the beginning of times. 

Whatever belief there is as to the origin of dance, we face its elemental nature, sacred essence, through cultural similarities and differences.

I hope you dance the essence of your spirit to experience how the ever actual dance symbiosis with the environment deconstructs our preconceive notions.

Through ethnic dances, we have the means to acknowledge world diversity as a force to reckon and cherish. We have the means to indulge in wonderfully amazing and joyful wellbeing.

Art and entertainment dances

Arts and entertainment dances through the rhythms of the world, still carry today our ancestral heritage lead and imprint. Their vitality resonates in our movements, grounding us. I hope you dance to appreciate that.

In this part of our worldwide travels, we tap into the world dance trends in performing arts dances, dance sport, freestyle dance, dance music, dance clip, dance movie and dance games.

We explore in contemporary entertainments, memories of traditional music and dances

Who or what comes to mind?

  • artistic skating!
  • ballroom competition!
  • cheerleading stunts!
  • hip hop culture revolution
  • Josephine Baker!
  • Michael Jackson!
  • popular video clips!
  • street dances!
  • ethnic dance performances

I could go on and on! I hope you dance to appreciate the nurturing presence in our lives everywhere.

Dances are truly music to eyes, guts, heart, mind, body, and soul. I hope you dance to appreciate that also.

"Does rhythm have memory? 
Can it travel through time and make the old forever new? 
Can it tell us of other nights, caress us? 
Does it have a feeling, to make us dance alive in our skin'' 

 ~  Susana Baca

World rhythms divine heart beats

Rhythms of the world's beats resonate in each of our heart in many ways!

No one is or has ever been immune to their divine magic one way or another.

Rhythms are rooted in us, way before procreation and live way beyond death.

We draw from inspirations and recollections to create anew and express our human and spiritual experiences. The creativity patterns are overwhelmingly infinite.

World rhythms cross borders they've never been concerned with

Dances are crossroads jewels in uncountable numbers and meanings, with a multitude of facets, secrets, and treasures.

Artists on and off the numerous scenes they may access or create, anonymous to famous, have a love affair in entertaining audiences from all walks of life.

Their creativity in the service of the arts and the sharpening of their skills foster a multidimensional consciousness and receptivity.

Arts and entertainment dances unfold world heritage travel energy

The art of dance,  just like storytelling,

  • carry infinite aims
  • have a tremendous impact worldwide
  • reach people's needs, wants, and aspirations in bottomless ways

Actually, arts and entertainment dances are storytelling, with a different mean of communication than words that can be translated as world heritage travel energy of conscious movements motion.

The essence of arts and dance entertainments have amazing power and ease to reach both our primal and higher inclinations.

An African proverb says,

''When the drum beats, the mask falls''

Dance history renews itself with every generation in a global economy where influences travel the world and artists go out of their way to discover other cultures and reconnect with the past. 

Yet, these passionate generously creative souls, through arts and entertainments, pioneer works ever original to make the world laugh, cry, dream, exhale, connect, think, uncover.

Dance academies as our world heritage heartbeats

Dance academies are heartbeats of our world heritage travel places, whether dance education is a way of living or simply a means to joyfully learn to dance now and then, here and there. 

Dance classes everywhere bring closer to home dance traditions from around the globe. I hope you dance to appreciate the travelling experience as most vivid and, much more engaging than travelling through books.

I hope you dance to access this unique way for total health and fitness.

I enjoy both travelling through books and through dances. 

With books, I free my imagination and go as wild as I wish, in visualization.

With dances, my body connects.

I hope you dance whether it is as an amateur, a professional or for fun only. From your neighborhood small dance school to national institutions, quality schools carry dance traditions heritage respectfully, for your delight, enlightenment and empowerment. Truly!  

Enjoy dance instructions all the way in your self-conquest journey

You don't need formal dance education to set your body in motion in your self-conquest journey.

Self-teaching, alone or with friends, is good.

Urban street dance gets you in the energy of spontaneous vibes.

Community rituals bring you to the heart of traditions.  

Online dance education and class dances put you in relation with a teacher or a mentor's personal experiences.

I often have a bliss just alone, feeling the music and the movements, my memory teaching me.

Why do you choose a dance academy?

  • First, because you can.
  • Second, you have practically unlimited choices. 
  • Third, it might shorten the learning curve.

Hmm! I guess those apply to any kind of dance education, right?

Usually it is the techniques, the discipline and mentorship you get that will greatly validate choosing your dance education in a dance academy.

Those are also the most look for basic elements of differentiation from one dance school to another. 

"Freedom to a dancer means discipline. That is what technique is for... liberation"

~   Martha Graham

I hope you dance and digg your class curriculum and setting with or without shoes

In a class, usually indoors, you have predetermined boundaries within dance class planning lessons and curriculum.

Ballet is a very popular dance class. However, dance schools curriculum are extremely diverse for all ages.

I can't even start to name them. From bollywood to hip hop, latin dances, modern and contemporary, ethnic dances from around the world, the list goes on and on.

Your learning experience is affected by the dance teacher's knowledge, style and values. Your learning experience is also impacted, by the class condition itself such as dance floor quality, class temperature, lighting or outside view, mirrors or not and space size. 

The dance floor quality and the dance teacher's knowledge, style and values are most crucial.

Your joints are sensitive to the dance floor you set foot on. You don't want to break anything or slowly injure yourself by sheer ignorance. I hope you dance in tune with your body's response to teacher and environment.

One special place is Toubab Dialaw in Senegal. The space is widely open, the dance class is outside and the dance floor is simply sand. It is at l'Ecole des Sables founded by the renown, Germaine Acogny Jant Bi Compagnies.

As for the dance teacher, I have a preference for someone who values traditions and the overall mind, body and soul dance connection to universal movements beyond time.

They have that broad view, nonjudgmental attitude and openness which really make your health and fitness travel experience through dances, unique and fitting like a glove.

I lived that harmonious integrative experience in Zab Maboungou's dance classes. 

Zab is a pioneer dance teacher for contemporary african dance who tends for her own dance school, Compagnie Danse Nyata Nyata, in Montreal.

I do have Zab's Professional and Artistic Training Program in Dance, in my dance education journey.

Consider the following criteria in choosing the right fit for your dance education:

  • teacher's reputation
  • school's reputation
  • price range 
  • overall vibe
  • values
  • school's network 
  • professionalism
  • clientele
  • curriculum

Use dance schools directories to sort through dance styles and find the location that best suits you.

The quickest access to readily available information is to enter in your search engine the term << dance schools directory >> follow by the location name of your choice. 

You may add a specific dance style to narrow your search.

You may also use << worldwide >> as location for a broader search.

Balance, in your choice, personal elements of comforts such as :

  • type of venues, classes and techniques,
  • size of classes, 
  • instruction styles.

I hope you dance in conscious awareness about your choices.

Urban street dances through cultural anthropology grasp

Urban street dances emerged from urban streets life and hip hop culture.

Urban street dances are the most popular dance styles nowadays, thanks to word of mouth and medias, particularly films and dance competitions in the arts and entertainment dances industry.

Urban street dance classes so became the greatest demands for dance academies. Hip hop dance schools, hip hop dance studio, hip hop dance classes, hip hop dance lessons are the new colors of ever growing dance trend in the history of dance.

Are you familiar with the epic dance battles in films like Step Up, Step Up Revolution, You Got Served, Honey, Street Dance?

They are classics Urban street dances films that still bring on contagious vibes of lively and strong urban scenes life and performances. I have watched them over and over in awe pleasures with my sons.

Nowadays, Urban street dances are prevalent top quality performances in world renowned high standards dance competitions. The raw and awe pleasure they give me is still there when I watch World of Dance, Revolution in Quebec, America's Got Talent and it's many subsidiaries. 

Social media steps up also to reflect street dances always upbeat trend with Petit Afro, Djamboola Fitness, Ghetto Kids, Serge Koffi.

From a cultural anthropology point of view, most popular dance being taught now in classes have strong roots related to traditional ethnic dances. Capoeira is such Urban street dances traditional dance root.

Fatima Robinson's journey to a very well know in-demand choreographer, reflects the evolution of urban street dances from the hip hop culture. 

From its young age to its actual international rave, Urban street dance style is prevalent in youth culture all over the world and in dance academies.

Fatima Robinson talks about her journey in congruence with hip hop culture evolution

The concept of street dance in dance academies kind of remind me of a growing tendency to appropriate existing styles and promote them in a certain angle, sometimes as personal creation or for the benefit of setting a new trend.

Those trends go as far as Hip Hop dance schools in dance games.

I hope you dance in connection with your soul and the roots of the movements in traditions, bypassing the trend setting notions.

Youth dance education in dance academies and communities

I cherish Youth dance education because I care deeply for young people in general. My Youth Dance Programs Pinterest board is a good reference, limited though to those I know of.

I am very fond of the programs Dansepyenu in Haiti, C.D.C. La Termitière in Burkina Faso, The children of Angkor in Cambodia and Moving Into Dance MOPHATONG in South Africa.

Youth is a challenging period for both the individuals and the communities.

Youth involved in physical activities can better focus and canalized their energies and acquire keen self-knowledge in the process about their overall being, strengths and weaknesses.

I hope you dance to understand the importance of those specific benefits and more...

As the saying goes, travel is formative.

I hope you dance and can appreciate world heritage travel easily accessible through the large variety of dance schools teaching the most pleasant way to discover other cultures' rich legacies.

Conscious communities are deeply aware that the best investments we could ever make is in our youth.

Dance institutions do have youth as clientele for the young generation is comprise of quite a large market.

Activists individuals and groups invest in youth dance education and make them extremely affordable or free to children and youth, often in precarious life conditions.

Youth dance programs are taught through...

  • special curriculum school arts program in elementary and high schools, college, universities, boarding schools
  • dedicated dance centers
  • community centers
  • dance festivals
  • dance institutions

Youth dance education in dance academies and, to a broader extent in community venues, generally provide great value and strong base for wonderful growth and life experiences for a conscious freedom lifestyle.

"Your body is a temple for knowledge"

~  Afrikan Yoga

I hope you dance your workouts

I hope you dance your workouts in the flow to tone up your body through world rhythms' energetic power release towards full mental and spiritual balance, as you are sweating off extras.

Dance is in itself a total health and fitness activity, energizing inside out, from head, fingers to toes and heart to soul emotions.

Since the beginning of times, movements keep mind and body vibrant with positive energy and raw fitness from infancy to old age, whatever old age may be.

When you open up to receive, dance health benefits go beyond physical to deep spiritual experiences.

You may decide to emphasize on physical exercises to selectively shape specific part of your body.

There is a wide range of trends for shaping up while cruising on a world travel bliss:

Dance masters and lovers developped the above programs over the course of their learning experiences. Some from years of apprenticeship and discoveries, others as a sudden bright idea due to unusual circumstance. 

Their stories are summarized in each detailed program.

Their influences are from Latin American, Asian, European, Indian, African and Shaman dance traditions.

Dance warm ups for proper preparation

As in all physical activities, proper preparation and moderation at the beginning are essentials to avoid unnecessary injuries.

We must warm up every single part of our body.

We are conscious of how we breath.  

Our breath is our barometer.  

We go slow with ease and calm. 

We listen to our body, feel our skin, muscles and ligaments.

We appreciate our internal response and emotions.

We are setting the ground for a relax and joyful session.

I hope you dance to release internal energy in your workouts with intensity

Out goes shyness. We dance for fun only. Routines can be global or spefic such as men workout, women workout or kids activities.

We release internal energy with intensity. 

Intensity is in opposition to tense.

Intensity means to loosen up, to let go and be in the flow.

When we are in the flow, we are completely in the moment.

We don't feel the effort.  We are the movements.  The movements are us.

We bring intensity progressively to release internal energy and also tension, stress, toxins. 

With intensity in dance workouts, we elevate our spirit, tone up our body and set our mind free.

 "Flow is a harmonious experience where mind and body are working together effortlessly, leaving the person feeling that something special has just occured. Flow lifts experience from the ordinary to the optimal, and it is in those moments that we feel truly alive and in tune with what we are doing"

 ~  Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi

I hope you dance to blossom in deep fundamental joy through times

Share your art, wins, challenges of total presence to self-conquest, unwind your challenges to dance your essence! ♥ 
This sacred essence of our dance revolution creation light is for you...

Be still. Share, heart to soul, as you wish...

Express your experiences, intentions, commitments, courage, love, and joy.

Share your art, wins, challenges of total presence to self-conquest, unwind your challenges to dance your essence...

This sacred essence of our dance revolution creation light is for you...

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